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With an ever increasing need for computerized systems to manage different aspects of modern businesses which human fail to carryout efficiently with manual dexterity, Mereb has adopted a mission to deliver top-notch quality ICT based solutions, taking into consideration your specific needs to design an efficiently tailored system to manage your organizations.


Domain Name
Your cyber estate acquisition first begins with choosing an address. In computing, it is indentified as URL (Uniform Resource Locator) or commonly known as a domain name. So first, you've to decide the address name and choose the last words to discern the type of business you (owner of the address) want to be indentified with. For instance, .com stands for commercial, .edu for educational, and .fm for radio FM.

Once you have verified that the name of your choice is available, you pay a single fee that is renewable every year, and the name is yours. You'll have a free Domain Name Control Panel that puts you in charge, letting you manage your domain name whenever you want, from one place.

What is more, our domain names/URL are reliable with robust domain name system (DNS). Nearly all companies in the domain name sales here in Ethiopia offer their customers one or two domain servers. But your domain name is supported with six servers, lending your address the potential to be accessible by most people.

Get your domain name registered or transfered now!

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Our goal is not only to deliver high quality products, but also our greatest interest lies in after-sales services to keep our systems at the highest possible performance so that they always meet the client's satisfaction.

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