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Comprehensive approach to solutions guarantees the success of projects. Mereb uses Iterative, Incremental Framework in developing its client solutions. The framework is divided into four major phases: Inception, Elaboration, Constriction, and Transition. These phases are performed in sequence manner with the following activities.


During this phase we will agree on the scope of the project and generally define vision of the project. The output from this phase will be project charter document that formally recognizes the existence of the project and provides direction on the project’s objectives and management.

We will analyze the problem, develop the project plan further. By the end of this phase we will have general understanding of the entire project. The output will be project management plan that devise and maintain a workable scheme to accomplish the business need that the project was undertaken to address.

At the construction phase, the product will be built. This phase of the project will be carried in spiral model of software development. Using spiral model approaches we will attack the project in a serious of short lifecycle, each one ending with a release of executable software. Each short lifecycle of the spiral model will have analysis, design, development and testing phases. During analysis, requirements gathering and proposed system description will be done. During Design, we will determine how to build the proposed system. In implementation phase, the proposed system will be implemented. Finally in testing phase, implemented system will be tested fully by Mereb, Clint and Customers.


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Our goal is not only to deliver high quality products, but also our greatest interest lies in after-sales services to keep our systems at the highest possible performance so that they always meet the client's satisfaction.

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